Qure Bio has multiple core technology platforms for antibody development, including: hybridoma antibody humanization platform, phage display platform, nano/single domain antibody platform, antibody engineering technology platform, high-yield cell line development platform, process optimization platform, etc.

hybridoma antibody humanization platform

Qure Bio's hybridoma antibody humanization platform has an effective method to overcome immune tolerance. It is especially suitable for targets that are difficult to obtain antibodies, such as multiple transmembrane antigens and other recombinant proteins that are difficult to obtain in vitro biological activity. The high homology of human and mouse needs to overcome targets such as immune tolerance.

phage display platform

Qure Bio screened several germlines to construct ten fully human synthetic libraries, which makes it easier to screen antibodies against protein and peptide targets, and has good stability and expression. Qure Bio also has a common light chain library platform for bispecific antibody screening.

nano/single domain antibody platform

Nanobody technology platform for molecular discovery starts from the immunization of camelid animals (such as dromedary, alpaca, etc.), through phage library construction and panning, and then construction of VHH-Fc fusion protein, which is then humanized to obtain humanization Antibodies: Before and after antibody humanization, they have undergone a series of in vitro and in vivo activity identifications, and selected molecules that meet the requirements.

The R&D team of Qure Bio has used a number of single-domain antibodies or alternative framework platforms. In-depth understanding of the structure can guide the selection of candidate antibodies, reduce non-human residues in order to maintain activity during the humanization process, and select candidate molecules with superior physical and chemical properties.