Xiangdong QuFounder, general manager

With 20 years of domestic and foreign new drug research and development experience, he has achieved well-recognized performance in the biomedical industry.

From 2015 to 2017, he served as the deputy general manager of Yangtze River Biopharmaceuticals and the CEO of Shanghai Hailu Biotechnology Co., Ltd., set up teams twice and led more than 60 subordinates.

From 2012 to 2015, he served as the head of the Biomedical Department of Hengrui Pharma, responsible for establishing the antibody and protein engineering technology platform. Leading the research and development of multiple projects to obtain clinical applications.

From 2000 to 2011, he worked at Eli Lilly and Amgen respectively. He was a scientist in the Department of Protein Science and participated in the development of multiple projects. He has a wealth of international vision and operational experience in the development of new protein drugs.

Yejie Du ,PhDDeputy General Manager

Doctor of Heidelberg University, Germany.

Since 2012, he has served as Deputy Minister and Minister of Technology Department of Shanghai Hengrui Antibody Research Institute.

In 2016, he served as the director of the biotechnology department of Shanghai Hailu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

In 2017, he served as the technical director of Shanghai Cell Therapy Group.

Joined Qure Bio in 2018.

Leading and participating in the process development and clinical application of a variety of monoclonal antibodies and ADC drugs, including the PD-1 antibody that was launched and sold in 2019. The drug has shown good clinical efficacy. At present, the drug has performed well in clinical studies of more indications. Successfully developed a serum-free medium formula with an expression level of 7g/l, which greatly reduced the production cost of biopharmaceuticals.

Qiying LuChief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President

Served as the head of clinical development and director of Pfizer's China Oncology Product Group for many years, and successfully led the development of ibroxin (the world's first CDK4/6 inhibitor) and dacomitinib (EGFR TKI inhibitor) to the market in China.

During his tenure as Chief Medical Officer at Sumgenbio, he led 4 IOs global development strategies and IND submissions, as well as phase 1/2 studies (CD47, CD47/PD-L1, CD38, CD38/CD47 antibodies) carried out in China, the United States and Australia Project, and established excellent clinical development teams in China and Australia.

While serving as the vice president of the clinical medicine department of Beijing Youhe Biotechnology, he successfully built the medical department and drug safety department, and led 4 IOs (CTLA-4, OX40, CD40 and CTLA-4/OX40) global clinical development strategy and phase 1/2 clinical trials Research submission and execution (Australia, United States and China).

Wencheng XuVP of Clinical Operations

As the Chief Operation Officer, responsible for the overall work of clinical operation of medium-sizedinnovative all-service CRO, including project strategy, sitestart-up, project management, clinical operation, quality management, clinical resource,and other departments, to ensure the efficient launch and implementation of new drug clinical trials.

Served as Vice President of Clinical Operations of one biotech company, Director of Project Management, Director of oncology and project resource management of WuXi CDS (2015-2017), a CRO funded byCRO WuXi AppTec, and China Senior Project Manager in Quintiles (2010-2015) , responsible for international multicentre clinical studies conducted in mainland China, Taiwan, Thailand and South Korea.

Prior to that, worked in several well-known domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies such as Merck, AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim and Beijing G&L (2002-2010), responsible for clinical studies of multiple blockbuster drugs in the treatment areas of oncology, cardiovascular and endocrine.

Social Work: Lecturer of Project Management, NMPA, Member of DIA China Project Management Standing Committee, former member of DIA Youth Committee, committed to promoting the development of clinical trial management in China.