Qure Bio, established in 2017, is an innovative drug discovery and development company focusing on biological drugs.

The company's goal is to develop new therapeutic biological drugs for intractable cancers, autoimmune diseases and metabolic diseases (such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, etc.) in China and the world. Qure Bio developed first-class antibody technology platforms and build superior biological drug pipelines that meet the urgent and affordable needs of patients. To date, several pipelines are under development. Among them, the innovative drug Q-1802 has been completed the Sino-US IND application and is in clinical phase I.

The founder, Dr. Qu has 20 years of experience in new drug discovery and development and has worked for Cell Therapy Company, Eli Lilly, Amgen, Hengrui Pharma and Yangtze River Pharmaceuticals. He set up a team twice and built biological drug R&D platforms. He has much experience in drug discovery and management of new protein drugs, and has a well-recognized performance in the biomedical industry. The company's core team has complete experience and profound technical accumulation in antibody drug related discovery (especially bispecific antibodies), and has considerable advantages in target selection, antibody structure design etc.